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Nancy Parker

Nancy Parker is a retired Elementary School Music Teacher who loves the process of putting Color, Rhythm, Harmony, Balance and Mood on paper as well as in song. All my life I have had a special love for music and art. As a child my best friend and I spent many hours drawing and coloring together. All through every grade in Tulsa Public Schools I had music and art classes. Even in collage where I was a music major, I took art classes. I minored in Art.

"After college, I married and had three boys. I put my art on hold while I taught music in elementary school for 23 years. Bulletin Boards were my only painting outlet. Once I retired, my first thought was to go back to college and brush up on my painting skills. I took classes at T.C.C.(Tulsa Community College) in Drawing, Color and Design and Watercolor. I then joined O.A.W. (Okla. Art Workshops) where I took workshops of 3 to 5 days from the following artists.

Nancy Swindler M. Douglas Walton Judy Richardson Guard Dan Burt
Don Andrews Jerry Yarnell Naomie Brotherton  

I am a charter member of the Focal Point Artists and have exhibited with them at every show and open house that we have had. My paintings have hung at various places in Tulsa and surrounding communities. Painting Still Life set ups and Landscapes in both watercolor and oils are my favorite things to do but I also like to experiment with abstract designs. It is also fun to see how many of the musical elements of Color, Rhythm, Harmony, Balance and Mood I can work into my paintings."

Contact at: p3andn@cox.net