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Marjorie Kolker

“The JOY of creating is the reason I am an artist. I follow my heart as I envision my next project. I love the colors of pastels and acrylics and the effects that can be created with each medium.”

Marjorie’s interest in art was apparent at an early age. An old newspaper clipping shows her finger painting while in kindergarten class. As time passed, other interests and activities filled her days. While pursuing a career in psychotherapy, she turned to art as an outlet for her creativity. After some experimentation in various mediums, she has turned her focus to pastels and acrylics because of the freedom each allows in color and style.

Although her educational pursuits were in her professional field, Marjorie attended workshops and classes in various mediums. To develop her knowledge of pastels, she studied under Mary Ellen Pitts of Neosho, Missouri. Marjorie belongs to Alpha Rho Tau, Monday Fine Art Group, Three Rivers Artists, and is a Signature member of the Ozark Pastel Society. She has won numerous awards for her pastels in Oklahoma, Arkansas and, Missouri. Her works hang in private, corporate and public collections and have been included in exhibits at the Tulsa 2005 Mayfest Invitational, Philbrook Art Museum and Sanger Art Center, among others.